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Welcome to The Cyber 

A post singularity realm where the physical and digital collide, where the lines between reality and unreality are blurred, and where creatures born from humanity's nightmares reside.

Step into a world of techno gothic horror and get ready for high tension asymmetrical dungeon crawling game play.

Cyber Castle Digital Dracula is a table top role playing game that takes the classic TTRPG role of the Dungeon Master, the abstracted narrator, and turns the role into an active participant that directly confronts  the other players.

  • Over 40 pages of content.
  • Highly customizable characters.
  • Fast and intuitive dungeon building system.
  • 35 unique monsters.
  • Powered by Fate, an RPG that makes for flexible easy to understand game play.

There are two types of player roles in Cyber Castle Digital Dracula. The Hunters and The Dracula

Hunters are monsters slaying warriors that have been cursed by Dracula and must venture into the Cyber Castle in order to escape certain doom. Hunters battle monsters and face all the dangers in the Cyber Castle head on. Hunters become more powerful during their adventures, gaining new abilities and improving their abilities.

Dracula is the all powerful master of the Cyber Castle. They control all the terrors the Hunters will face and will be their final obstacle.

Cyber Castle Digital Dracula was conceptualized and initially designed on an episode of the Unplaytested Podcast hosted by Alex Guerrero and Lara Turner. You can find the episode and the rest of the podcast here.


Get this game and 118 more for $5.00 USD
View bundle
Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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