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If you’ve ever started a campaign for a tabletop roleplaying and had an awkward first session where you struggle to justify or handwave why any of the player characters would have anything to do with each other then you’ve shared the experience that inspired this game. You Meet at a Fantasy Tavern aims to turn that moment of narrative contrivance into an opportunity for joyful play and interesting storytelling.

You Meet at a Fantasy Tavern is a hybrid improv game/roleplaying execise/ttrpg; A Story Starting game, meant to help provide a framework for a TTRPG adventure by presenting the players with a number of storytelling prompts that will help come up with back story and context as to how their characters met and how they began adventuring together. 

This is a game during a session zero, character creation of a larger TTRPG campaign, or any time you want to fill in some details about how your player characters came together.

What You need to play

  • At least 2 players with characters  + an optional Master of Ceremonies 
  • A basic character premise for each character player 
    • A name, an idea of their disposition, and maybe a class 
  • A basic premise for your future adventures
    • An idea of genre, tone, and maybe another game system you plan to use
  • A deck of playing cards with jokers removed

This game was originally written for the Minimalist TTRPG Jam 2 hosted by Binary Star Games


Get this game and 118 more for $5.00 USD
View bundle
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